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Fondant covered valentine cake with fondant rosesFondant floral basket weave cakeChocolate shavings top this cakeFondant floral cakeOffice cupcake barRustic buttercream three tiered wedding cake with fondant flowers

From our  eloquent collection ; fall colored cala lilies and ribbonChantily lace buttercream and sequen cake
From our eloquent collection; calla lily and beadsFrom our eloquent collection; floral and beadsFrom our eloquent collection; calla lily and ribbonsSummer fun daisy wedding cake
From our rustic wedding cake collection; rustic buttercream with real flowers
Chantily lace buttercream wedding cake with silk flowers and ribbonSilk flower and buttercream chantily lace wedding cakeFrom our draped wedding cake collection
Two hearts lace ribbon and floral buttercream wedding cake
Butterfly beauty with ribbon wedding cakeFrom our rustic series; burlap and floral buttercream cake

Ruffled and floral pipped wedding cakeLace floral wedding cakeLavender flowers atop a pipped buttercream cakeFrom our rustic series;  A Burlap wedding cake
Calla lilies and roses

Summer fun daisy painted cakeEloquent indoor wedding cake with buttercream and fondant flowers
A simple vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and fondant flower.

Silk and fondant flower wedding cake

Nothing but chocolate cake

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