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Three tiered wedding cake with buttercream chantility lace designKustom Kupkakes & more  by Kristie is delighted  to have many brides visit our site looking for wedding cakes, dessert bars or kupkake towers.  
   We are pleased to have many brides entrust us to make their wedding cake for their special day.
   We give personal attention to each bride.  

  As a service to you, we are providing this page with helpful information, so that your wedding day will be a joy.  Please let us know how we can earn your business.  May you truly be blessed.

    Cake designers generally book up quickly, often many months in advance.  Do not hesitate in contacting the one you want early in the planning process. Once you have found a baker with an open date, book a consultation and tasting with that baker to go over your design, flavors and cost.  Always have a tasting before choosing a baker so you know what your getting in terms of flavors.

   Each wedding cake, dessert bar or kupkake tower is unique to the bride and groom, therefore; no set price can be given.  There are many variables that go into the pricing of a wedding cake and information must be gathered in order to give a more accurate quote.  Also, once a price has been determined, any changes made to the order after the initial consultation or once the contract has been signed, may increase the cost of the cake.  

    If you decide to book your wedding cake, dessert bar or kupkake tower with us, a deposit equal to half the cost of the order will be due at the time the contract is signed, with the balance due one month prior to the wedding date.  If your wedding or event is within one month of the date of signing the contract, payment in full is due at the time the contract is signed.  There are no exceptions to this.  It is customary that the wedding cake costs be paid in full prior to your wedding date.  If you, for any reason, should have to cancel your wedding date or have an issue with payment, please notify your baker immediately.

  Cake tasting fee:   By appointment only.  There is a non-refundable fee of $50.00, payable in cash on the date of your consultation.  This fee includes a one hour consultation and tasting of the cake products and you also bring home any left over cake product from the tasting

   While some may not agree that there should be a tasting fee or that the fee seems to high, please remember that the bakers time is just as important as your time is.  This fee not only covers the bakers time but it also covers the materials and supplies used for the tasting.  Remember, you are not only getting to taste the different flavors, you are also having a consultation with the baker and you will also leave with samples to take home to your fiance or other wedding party that will be helping you in your decision making process.
Typical Cost of a Wedding Cake:
   This depends on the size, shape, number of guests, type of decorations, frosting and other factors.
   Typically, but no guarantee;  Talk with the baker to get a more accurate quote for your wedding cake design as every baker has a different sliding scale for each size wedding cake.
   A 2-tiered wedding cake runs approximately $350-$475.00 or more
   A 3-tiered wedding cake runs approximately $475.00-$675.00 or more
   A 4-tiered wedding cake runs approximately $675.00-$875.00 or more
   A 5-tiered wedding cake runs approximately $875.00-$2,275.00 or more 
Remember, these are estimates.  Most people do not fully understand the time and work involved in baking and preparing a wedding cake, dessert bar or kupkake tower.  Some designs for cakes require special equipment to be used or items to be made.  Many factors go into the pricing of the wedding cake, dessert bar or kupkake tower, so be sure you have a budget in mind before shopping for a cake or kupkake tower as that will determine what tier and decorations you can feasibly afford.

    The price of the wedding cake, dessert bar or kupkake tower includes the cake, decorations, time, labor, delivery, assembly time and supplies.  Delivery fees are based on where the event will take place and the assembly fee is based on the time it will take to set it up.  The total cost does not include the rental cost of the kupkake tower or any rental item(s) such as cake stands etc., in which a deposit is collected and returned to you only if the kupkake tower or rental item(s) is returned to us undamaged and within three days after your wedding.  Depending on the rental item, the deposit can run from $100..00 to $175..00. 
   **Be sure in your overall wedding planning process that you have designated someone to cut and serve your wedding cake for you.  At this time, we do not offer this particular service.**

  Keep in mind a few things that determine the price:

Time: Time is the most costly factor in any cake design. The more time that is spent in the design of your cake the more expensive it will be.  A simple design will be less costly.  Be prepared to pay for the decorators time.  Be prepared and have an idea of what you would like to have in a cake when you arrive for your consultation.  Having pictures is very helpful.

Icing or Frosting  There are various options for frostings and icings for the wedding cake such as ganache, white or dark chocolate, fondant or royal icing or buttercream.  Fondant is the most expensive.  We do not use marzipan.  We do not use fondant unless specifically asked.  Our wedding cakes are buttercream.

Decorations:  Buttercream and other icings can be designed easily, making it cheaper and less expensive than fondant.  Fondant requires much more time and labor in making decorations.  You can also use fresh flowers and ribbons.  We will make fondant flowers if requested.

Tiers:   Basically the more tiers you have, the more expensive your wedding cake will be.

Size of tiers:  The larger the tier sizes, the more expensive your wedding cake will be.

Shape of the wedding cake:  Round and square cakes are much cheaper than odd shaped cakes, which require much more time and labor for detail.

Servings:  Most wedding cakes are priced per slice depending on the number of guests you will have.  We do not charge per slice.  We charge for what you are looking for and all costs associated in the preparation.  Rental deposits are extra.  Tasting fee is extra.  Any last minute changes to the cake is an extra charge.

Toppers:   There are various cake toppers, including flowers, photo frames with pictures, heart shapes etc.  We prefer the bride or groom provide the cake topper unless it is fresh or handmade fondant flowers.
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